Our One-Day cooking class is fun, flexible, informal and hands-on. The class is designed around a typical Tuscan meal with fresh local in season ingredients. Included is menu planning, shopping for ingredients, preparation, cooking and of course critiquing and consuming the dishes you create. The class is taught in English either at our home on Mt. San Egidio during the spring and summer or at our Agriturismo, Il Rifugio during the fall and winter months. Both venues are about ten minutes from the historic Medieval town, Cortona.

Preparing Dough
Festive Dinner Table

Full Day Cooking Class

We start by meeting at a Cafe in Cortona at 9:00 AM to choose the dishes you will make from our recipe book. After a collective decision is made over a typical Italian breakfast of cappuccinos and pastries, you will go to the various markets to collect all the necessary ingredients for your menu selections. We then return to our home (by 11:00 AM) and start preparing and cooking a four course meal of several antipasti (appetizers), a primo piatto (first dish) of 2 pastas, a secondo piatto (second dish) with contorni (side dishes) and finally a dolce (desert). Then, (about 3:00 PM) you will sit down to enjoy and critique your creation. The class typically ends between 5:00 and 5:30 PM depending on the number of people in the class, the dishes you decide to make and the conversation at the table.

Half Day Pasta Class

​We start by meeting at our home near Cortona at 10:00 AM to choose the type of pasta and pasta sauces you want to make. This will be a collaborative decision by the students. You will start by making the pasta dough, the sauces and then the pasta followed by your critique and consumption of your creations at the table. ​The class typically ends about 2:00 pm depending on the number of people in the class, the type of pasta you decide to make and the conversation at the table.

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